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  1. Hey, it looks good to me! I think you did just fine!

    I have done a few fried eggs for supper myself. I might even make that vegetable mix deliberately except without the bell peppers cuz my stomach does not like those. I love my vegetables!

  2. The perils of free-ranging. But still it is the best of lives. Our daughter is the chicken raiser now. I stopped two years ago. Here we have Eagles, hawks, owls, and sometimes other big birds that love to munch on chickens. Not to mention all the ground predators: fox, coyotes and wild dogs.

    • No, will keep learning, if Denise lets me! But I won’t bore readers with what for almost all will think to be straightforward everyday stuff that I really ought to have learned to do 40 years ago!

  3. I love my Buff Orpington flock. I was trying to purchase 7 more to add to my girls as a Hawk got almost all of my pullets from the spring hatch, but the seller has not gotten back with me to conclude the sale. I guess I will just have to wait for spring and let the ladies hatch some more. The run is covered now when they aren’t free ranging under supervision.

    • [J] A year or so ago we started losing our Welsumers at an alarming rate. They’re on our croft 3.5 miles away, and with no-one around during the day. It turned out that they were being taken by an eagle, in fact one of our guests (at the self-catering house on the croft) got a photo of one on the ground, eating one of the hens. We sought advice from experts, who said put up one or more scarecrows. Make sure it’s dressed loosely, so that its clothing moves in the wind, and move the scarecrow from time to time. If you can have more than one, do so. Also provide small field shelters for the hens to dash under (two pallets formed into a tent shape). This advice has worked. Our Buff Orpingtons are more fancily feathered, and not suitable for the harsh conditions on the croft, so they’re with us at home in the walled garden, in a enclosed run. We’ve never had a bird of prey take anything from the garden. The Buffys are our favourites – they are so placid, so curious, just lovely characters!

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