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  1. Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struck at such a difficult time in the season. I’m hoping as you say that the next few weeks will show that the damage is limited and that some plants will recover. Stay safe

  2. Wow, so very sorry for the damage you incurred. While you were getting that, we were getting the effects of the same storm system as it produced a swirling mass of cool, very wet, and somewhat windy weather that stalled over the mountains, swirling and dumping about 20 cm of rain in three days causing floods and mudslides. All of our Ash trees in this entire region have been killed off in the past couple of years from Ash borer. We have about a dozen large Ash trees scattered in the woods on the edges of our farm that are dead. I hope your potatoes and shallots produce enough to provide, that is a tough loss. I love your gardens and the protective measures. I wish I had a greenhouse of some sort. Last year I planted a fig that was supposed to be tolerant of our climate, but it did not survive the winter even though it was covered and heavily mulched. The only figs that survive here are in greenhouses.

    • D > We don’t get late frosts, due to be right next to the gulf stream. We get late storms instead! On the mainland, Ash trees are having a hard time, with the Ash dye-back disease having arrived from continental Europe five or more years ago : it’s spread all the way to Scotland, but not to the outer isles. Another disease we’ve avoided for now. Ash is such a beautiful tree, and they are extraordinarily resilient, so we have hope that ours will recover from this, though the trees will have to work out an alternative growing strategy! A greenhouse is a blessing, and we have four : but I’m not at all sure we could justify the cost, now : there are so many other claims on our resources, and our income has never before been in such doubt as it is now.

      • J > No, I’ve been reading up, Maine has a tough time. More cold and wet than windy and wet. A garden can, with some ingenuity, be protected from the wind. But not frost!

  3. Can’t “like” this one. Too much bad news, even though, as you wrote, it’s been worse. when it comes to weather and climate, I thought Mainers had to be hardy, but I think your island has us beat.

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