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Frühlings Müdigkeit — 3 Comments

  1. The dazzling weather continued another couple of days, making five days in a row at maximum output from the solar PV. Not bad for May? Well, actually it’s May and September when – typically, but not reliably – the air is most sharp and clear – most free from aerosols, to put it technically. During high summer, the light is more hazy.

  2. What amazing temperatures you have been enjoying on the West Coast! We on the East Coast have also had hot sunny days as our house is relatively sheltered from the cold Northerlies we’re experiencing right now. But our PV panels have been bringing in an average of 25 kWh over the last few days; peak output 3.4kW. Skies here have been a bit hazy – and our system is over 4 years old. Whatever – we are both making an amazing contribution to the National Grid! PS You’re definitely allowed a siesta in those temps!

    • Thanks. I’ve never been one for napping (just nodding off when watching tv or reading, late in the day) but on the rare occasions I do, I find an afternoon nap more refreshing than normal night time sleep.

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