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Fruits of the Earth — 3 Comments

  1. They all look so good! Glad to see you haven’t given up brewing your own goose berry wine! I am sure that Denise is still canning that gooseberry jelly.

    I am doing well. I have been faithfully working out at least 4-5 days per week at my gym. I have now lost about 30 pounds. I started at 272 last year but was really struggling to lose weight. Then early this year I found out from my doctor, after having my blood tested, that I have an underactive thyroid. Hence the weight gain, but little weight loss.

    With the synthetic thyroid hormone replacement, the fat weight is finally dropping off me like ice melting in the hot sun. I am even losing weight when I don’t attend exercise classes! Of course, the classes build up my strength, agility and endurance, so I still need them. But I have never been able to do so little to lose so much!!

    I am pretty happy about it and I plan to be back at it again when I get money again. I try to walk in the neighborhood in the early mornings, when I don’t have money for gas to fuel up my car, for my exercise. Today there was quite an downpour of a thunderstorm. The weight, she is a-stayin’ off!!

    • D > Your choices are wise, even if necessary. J is less active these days, as there is now less of the heavy work on the croft … and he has put on weight and is less fit. We don’t have the income for gym membership – and anyway we prefer being outdoors. Mostly we just walk from our own front door, me three times a day with the dog, J is a bit erratic – he needs to let go of his lists of jobs to do, and just head off up the lane and out into the wilds beyond the hill fence. Thank you for sharing with us, Sheila, it’s good to learn of other’s circumstances, so that we can make room for others in our thoughts.

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