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  1. Hello J &D. Ah what a memory jogger. Friend & I used to pop over from holiday on Barra to Polchar for lunch, on one trip discovered the abandoned croft end of road here. Desolate sad place but wonderful setting. We used to make diversion up there every year to photgraph it to document it’s decline. What has happened to be, be interesdted to know. If you pm me will send you the pictures. Sally

    • Hello Sally! About five years ago, the croft on which that house stood was transferred to another member of the same family. There was then a bustle of activity as some – but not all – of the tide of debris from the fallen-down store was cleared away, the house boarded up and most of its contents cleared, and signs erected saying ‘Private Property – Keep Out’. Apart from that, the new owners (strictly, tenants) have done absolutely nothing and have not been seen again. Our daughter Becky did some exploring and photographing of that house before it was boarded up – she finds such things fascinating. We don’t know what you mean by PM in a WordPress context, but our email address is given on our website, so we might as well give it to you here.

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