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Gooseberry 2018 — 8 Comments

  1. All look most tempting! I’m particularly interested as I’m hoping to plant a gooseberry in our little garden next year. The Black Velvet sounds very nice indeed!

    • D > If your diet is low on added sugar, you’ll find the Black Velvet is lovely to eat fresh from the bush (topped and tailed). If you’re patient, even one bush will after 2 or 3 years provide an abundance of fruit. If you’d like to make more space available, rather than grow more Black Velvet, which loses its sweetness when cooked. I would suggest you try one of the green varieties, especially Leveller, as they actually improve with cooking and they freeze better too.

  2. I had not realized that you brew your own wines! What bacterias do you use?

    I am always fascinated by these things we do that are such amazing transformations; fruits into wines, raw fleece into a garment, flour with other ingredients into bread, and spices with vinegar into mustard, just to name a few. Its so riveting to me how these ingredients at the start that are not so great on thier own become something so wonderful at the end. I always find myself rejoicing in these simple processes!

    • D > Yeast, not bacteria. We use special wine yeasts that come in sachets. They are made by a UK company that is one of the world-wide leading ‘growers’ and distributors of brewing yeasts.

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