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Gu Eiseabhal agus Coire Bheinn — 5 Comments

  1. This looks like a demanding walk! But what a great way to start a new year, with beautiful views and by challenging yourselves. I hope there was a pub to visit at the end of the walk . . . .

    • The nearest ‘pub’ (in Scotland generally called a bar) is at the Polochar Inn, about 1m W of our house. Another 2 miles of walking – along the road and back? Nope, our own house serves a really good cup of tea, with oatcakes and cheese to make good the fuel used on the walk!

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  3. How long was the walk? How would you grade it for difficulty? I will be looking for some new things to do this trip!

    • [D] This was tough going for us, Jacalyn. This post was to try out the technology. We’re going to develop more resources like this – mainly for our guests, and for a variety of walks and activities. And we’ve got some ideas in mind for you! If you have a smartphone with GPS, all the better.

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