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  1. thanks J & D, I have sown at various times, makes no difference, I think it is partly my very peaty soil but I also think heat/warmth may have something to do with it, I only tried parsnips once and they did nothing, only a few germinated, I have the same problems with beetroot, Frances

  2. vegetarian yes, vegan no, veggies use dairy products like milk, eggs and butter, if they don’t then they are vegans,
    I have been enjoying potatoes too and the first broadbeans, carrots are slow, very slow to grow in my garden, when did you sow yours and are they out in the fresh air or sheltered under cover?
    fresh organic homegrown food is best, looks yummy, Frances

    • April. Our soil is sandy with plenty of humous, which they like – as do parsnips. We used to sow earlier, but the losses were too many, and growth started slow – and seemed to stay slow even when the ground eventualy warmed up! Better to sow later and get them off to a good start, we think.

  3. Deliciousness! And, for those who are not inclined to garden, there are always farmers’ markets and CSA (community supported agriculture) programs to join. Last night, we had our own Farmer Kev’s kale and garlic scapes, stir fried and over pasta with a bit of salt, pepper, and oregano for more flavor. As my Yankee husband observed, pretty darned good.

    • D > If we were pessimists (which we’re not!) we’d have to say it’s now downhill all the way – until that first plate of happiness next year! Fortunately there’s plenty of other home-grown delights for every season.

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