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Happy Endings? — 11 Comments

  1. So sorry. I am surprised at how quickly sheep can go from OK to dead. One of our ewes died suddenly a day or so after lambing so now we have two orphans to raise. Do you know how old they have to be before you can vaccinate them? – usually I do the mums a few weeks before lambing so the lambs are covered, but they won’t be now. Your thoughts about the clostridium bacteria made me think about that.

    • J > We don’t know Claire. All the literature we have assumes that it is a pregnant ewe that will be vaccinated: I guess you’d have to ask a vet. The dose would be smaller, I would imagine, for a young lamb. For us, the losses due to illness are not the main concern – which is attack by birds of prey.

  2. Was so sorry to read this. But you should always know, as I know you, that you both did everything you could. Hope Windy is doing well.

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  4. I’m sorry the little one lost the fight, despite the helping hand from your instincts and care. The hidden heart on the pictures is a nice touch – I like the way it only appears when you hover.

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