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Hebridean Starlings — 4 Comments

  1. Fabulous shots! And as a member of one of the most destructive species on Earth, I am reluctant to label any other bird, plant, or animal a nuisance.

  2. The starlings in the US were from a flock of 100 introduced so a park would have all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare. They are now considered a nuisance bird that covers all of North America.

    • D >Thank you for your comment – that’s interesting. Starlings here, too were considered a nuisance until just ten to tweny years ago, when watching the ‘murmerations’ of vast flocks (tens of thousands) swirling in the sky became a subject of public wonder and awe. Now, they are better appreciated. The guano below their night-time roosts can be objectionable in certain cases, but it’s no great matter to persuade them to move on to where it will be less of a concern.

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