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Natural Wool Yarns

These pure wools come exclusively from our own sheep or those of our near neighbours, here on the island of South Uist and close-by on the Isle of Eriskay.

We offer two colours of wool yarns : Hebridean – which is naturally black ; Cheviot – naturally white ; also combinations of these two colours.

Beinn Sgíathan is a blend of Hebridean and Cheviot, and is named after the hill on Eriskay which the two breeds can be found sharing the island’s common grazings.

Beinn Stac is a marled yarn – that is, with strands of different colours, and is named after the hill which domiates the common grazings in the southern part of Eriskay.

The wools are spun for us – to our own specification – at a specialist spinning mill. The wools are not coloured with dyes, or modified in any way.  The colours are entirely natural – and thus also naturally variable.  A good degree of consistency – not just in colour, but also fineness, softness, resilience, and other attributes – is achieved through considerable care at every step of production : care in breeding, shearing, sorting and grading the raw wool, and – at the mill, training and good process control in preparing the wool for spinning and the spinning itself. These wools are certainly representative of the breed of sheep they come from ; but they also express the combined experience and skill of all those who have contributed to their production. These unique and distinctive wools are artisanal in nature.

Ewe and twin lambs, Bothy Field. The Big Garden Croft, Isle of Eriskay

Ewe and twin lambs, Bothy Field.

Our own small flock of pedigree Hebridean sheep – on The Big Garden Croft, in Eriskay – produce a wool that is naturally dark brown.  When they are sheared for the first time – at about one year old (they’re then known as a shearling, or hog , until they are sheared again a year later), their wool is especially fine, soft, and consistently very rich dark brown – very nearly black : this is referred to as lambswool. In later life, a ewe or ram kept for breeding will grow a fleece which becomes increasingly more varied in colouring – mostly ‘dark chocolate’ but with flecks of tan and grey, an appearance often described as ‘heathered’.  The lambswool is best suited for apparel to be worn close to soft skin – scarves, hats, gloves and such like. The heathered wool is harder-wearing and best suited for waistcoats, cardigans, sweaters, ganseys and such like, worn over a shirt or blouse.  Both lambswool and heathered wool are suitable for knitting, crochet or felting, and for weaving (especially as the weft in weft-faced weaves). The black Hebridean yarns are currently available as : DK Lambswool ; DK heathered wool ; Aran heather-brown wool.

The Cheviot sheep of our neighbours – also on the nearby Isle of Eriskay – are a pure creamy white. We select only the best fleeces from sheep just one or two years old, and then grade and sort for the right quality : softness, consistency of colour (even white can vary from creamy to greyish), crimp, strength and other attributes.  The white Cheviot yarns are currently available in DK and Aran weights.  Both are equally well suited to wearing against the skin or as warm-wear over shirts, blouses and so on, and for knitting, crochet or felting ; and for weaving weft-faced.

The Beinn Sgíathan is a blend of the heather-brown Hebridean with the Cheviot, inspired by the exposed bedrock and tumble of boulders that characterize the common grazings in the northern part of the island of Eriskay, and where both Hebridean and Cheviot sheep graze together through the summer months. Currently, Beinn Sgíathan is available only in Aran weight.

The Beinn Stac yarn is marled, inspired by the striking contrast between the two sheep breeds if gathered together into the fank.

DK-weight yarns have two strands (2-ply / two-fold) – perfect for lighter-weight or lace-type patterns.  Exceptionally, the Beinn Sgíathan DK-weight yarn has three strands (3-ply / three-fold), with one strand Hebridean, two are Cheviot

Aran -weight yarns have three strands (3-ply / three-fold), with a firmer, denser character best suited to country warm-wear, especially with Aran cabled knitwear style.

Prices : £7.00 per 50g ball, except for Lambswool, Beinn Sgíathan and Beinn Stac yarns, which are £9.00 per 50g ball.

Choice of yarns – All 50g balls


Drop-Spindle Spinning Starter Kit

Drop Spindle Starter Pack, from The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist

Drop Spindle Starter Pack, from The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist

Until Leonardo da Vinci invented the spinning wheel, five centuries ago, wool and other fibres were spun into yarns using the simple drop-spindle, consisting of a whorl – a flattish disc of stone, pottery, or wood – with a long rounded shaft of wood, bone, or ivory.  The spinning wheel is faster and more efficient than a drop-spindle, but many times more expensive to make or buy, and  less portable : so – even today, the drop-spindle remains in every day use amongst traditional communities in less-developed regions of the world. And in the developed world, many craft spinners will possess at least one drop-spindle – often of fine materials and workmanship ; and they’ll very often be proud to demonstrate their skills in spinning with it.

To learn to spin first with a drop-spindle is the surest path to success with a spinning wheel : a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the process of spinning ; a firm grasp of the basic techniques ; and – above all else – an intuitive feel for the character of the fibre being spun.  Every raw beginner we’ve taught will remember the drop-spindle as both the beginning and the greater part of their learning ; and even those who professed to have some knowledge of spinning would be required to demonstrate their competence with a drop-spindle.

Our Drop-Spindle Spinning Starter Kit includes, in a clear bag:

  • Drop-Spindle – with wooden shaft and whorl, and a brassed metal hook
    (it may be useful to know that the spindle is of the type known as a top-whorl – a relatively recent innovation)
  • Rovings – 100g of Cheviot wool fibre (chose between soft white and soft grey) prepared for hand-spinning
  • Tuition leaflet – with step-by-step instructions that are simply worded, clear, and easy-to-follow


The tuition leaflet uses the same simple, step-by-step instructions given to the many students that we previously taught in person at the Hebridean Woolshed – here in South Uist.  It’s stood the test of time!

Price : £24 each

Drop Spindle Starter Kit – Options and Prices


Hebridean Aran Fingerless Mittens Kit

Hebridean Aran Fingerless Mittens, The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Description :  These snug, warm and hard-wearing fingerless mittens are knitted with the wool of our black Hebridean sheep on the Big Garden Croft. Knitted in stocking stitch and a simple Aran-style cable, these mitts are straightforward to make.

Size : The pattern fits a regular size ladies’ hand

Included : Pattern leaflet ; 1 No 50g ball Hebridean Aran (3-ply) ; Cellophane pack.

You’ll also need :
Pair 4mm [UK 8] straight ; One small cable needle ; Stitch-holder

Difficulty : Intermediate

Price for Kit : £12

Alternatively :

  • this item can be ordered with Cheviot Aran for the same price as the Hebridean Aran – Please enquire
  • this item can be bought ready-made for £30 – Please enquire



Hebridean Aran Cabled Hat KitThe Hebridean Woolshed. Hebridean Aran Cabled Hat

Description : This Aran cabled hat is knitted with the wool of our black Hebridean sheep on the Big Garden Croft. Using a stretchy double moss stitch, the length of the hat is easily adjusted to fit most adults. A delightful cabled patern defines the brim.

Size : Fits most adults

Included in cellophane pack :
Pattern leaflet ; 2 No 50g balls Hebridean Aran (3-ply)

You’ll also need :
Pair 4mm [UK 8] straight ; Pair 5mm [UK 6] straight ; One small cable needle

Difficulty : Intermediate

Price for Kit : £18.00

Alternatively :

  • this item can be ordered with Cheviot Aran for the same price as the Hebridean Aran – Please enquire
  • this item can be bought ready-made for £36 – Please enquire



Cheviot Horseshoe Lace Cowl

Cheviot Horseshoe Lace Cowl from The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Description : This pretty, snug cowl is knitted in the natural cream coloured wool of our neighbours’ Cheviot sheep. The traditional horseshoe lace pattern of the cowl is edged with a reversed garter stitch – one edge scalloped, the other straight. Knitted in the round, the cowl is seamless and extremely comfortable to wear next to the skin.

Size : 60cm (24”) circumference (unstretched) 20cm (8”) top to bottom

Included in cellophane pack :
Pattern leaflet ; 2 No 50g balls Cheviot DK (2-ply)

You’ll also need : Circular needle 50cm (20”) length 3.75mm [UK 9]  ; Stitch Marker

Difficulty : Intermediate

Price for Kit : £18.00

Alternatively, this item can be bought ready-made for £38.00 – Please enquire



Felted Uist Purses Kit

Description : These felted purses are made with the natural wool of both black Hebridean sheep and cream Cheviot sheep from the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Although knitted in a simple garter stitch, the combination of one strand each of Hebridean and Cheviot wool results in an interesting speckled effect. After knitting, the purses are felted in a washing machine and finished with the metal Celtic knotwork buttons supplied.

Size : Wide purse 14cm (5½”) x 10cm (4”) [excl. flap] ; Tall purse: 10cm (4”) x 16cm (6½”) [excl. flap]

Included [In cellophane pack] :
Pattern leaflet ; 1 No 50g ball Hebridean DK (2-ply) ; 1 No 50g ball Cheviot DK (2-ply) ; 4 metal buttons with Celtic-knotwork design

You’ll also need : Pair 5mm [UK 6] straight knitting needles

Difficulty : Easy

Price for Kit : £24

Alternatively, either one or the other of the two purses can be bought ready-made for £26.00 – Please enquire