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  1. Maori used this plant’s leaves for a variety of things, including soaking leaves then scraping off the outer green layer and using the remaining fine tough fibres to weave a fine form of linen like material. Their practice was to leave the innermost three leaves – “mother father child” behind when harvesting the leaves and the plant would quickly grow more leaves.

    • D > One day, when we have a bit more time, we’ll actually have to try extracting the fibres and making something with them. We understand it’s very labour-intensive!

      • Yes very ! The leaves have to be soaked for quite a while, and they used to use sharpened clam / pipi / cockle / toheroa shells. to scrape it all off. But Maori also used to cut the leaves into short pieces, dry them and used them as a type of “thatch” in short cloaks worn in the rain.

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