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High Sparrows — 5 Comments

    • J > Yes, I have read somewhere that sparrows have become scarce in much of (presumably urbanized) Britain. Not so here : they are as common as i recall them being when i was a child in Berkshire.

      • In London you’re rarely likely to see them these days. Who knew we’d miss something we once considered so commonplace so much. One of the total joys in Skye in the summer last year was staying on a croft with lots of tree cover and seeing so many sparrows, siskins, tits, buntings and finches. You’re so blessed with wonderful bird life ☺️

    • J > We think that’s only a third of the total number who spend the day in and around our walled garden. We suspect they roost here as well, but haven’t seen them doing so enough times to be sure. There are other roosting sites – about a mile away at the foot of the nearby hill.

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