Hebridean Hogget Lamb – The ultimate, naturally slow food

An Garradh Mor flock exploring the Eriskay Common Grazings for first timeA hogget is a sheep more than one year but less than two years old. After it’s been sheared for the first time – usually in the late spring of the year after it was born, it will also be referred to as a shearling lamb.  The meat of the hogget is commonly referred to as hogget lamb.

Modern-day commercial practice is to send lambs to the abattoir once they reach a live weight of about 40kg – typically when it is about four to five months old.  That’s how to maximize profits – but not flavour.

We follow the much older practice – more common among smallholders, crofters, homesteaders, keeping the lambs through the winter, to gain weight and flavour through the following summer, killing them in the autumn as the grass becomes scarce.

Our black, pure-breed Hebridean sheep thrive year-round on the natural, diverse vegetation of our croft and the common hill grazings in Eriskay. The slow-maturing hogget lambs enjoy two full summers of good living. Their meat is low in fat and cholesterol and has extraordinary depth of colour and flavour. This meat demands respect! Cook low. Cook Slow. Take time to enjoy!

Our Hebridean Hogget Lamb is geotraceable, grass-fed, free of hormones and antibiotics – 100% natural.

The meat is sold on the bone, vacuum-packed, frozen, and available only at The Big Garden.

Cuts and prices – valid until end of November 2019
Joint / Cut (on bone) Pack Size Price £ / kg    Typical cost    Availability
Loin chop Pack of 4 to 6 £24.00 £5 – £10 Sold Out !
Chops / Cutlets Pack of 4 to 6 £20.00 £4 – £10 Sold Out !
Whole Leg One £16.00 £25 – £45 Sold Out !
(Half) Leg One £20.00 £20 – £30
Leg Shank Pack of 2 £12.00 £3 – £5
Whole Shoulder One £12.00 £16 – £20 Sold Out !
Square-cut Shoulder One £16.00 £14 – £18
Shoulder/Fore Shank Pack of 2 £10.00 £5 – £6
Neck Pack of 2 halves £10.00 £5 – £7
Liver Varied cuts £12.00 £4 – £6
Kidney Pack of 4 or 6 £16.00 £2 – £3


Enquiries, Orders, Collection, Delivery

Call in at The Big Garden, and we can show you the selection currently available.

For purchases of £10 or more, we offer complimentary fresh-cut Rosemary from the greenhouse, or alternatively your choice other herbs from the garden, according to season and availability.

Visitors to the islands may find it helpful for us to keep their purchase in our freezers for them to collect shortly before they leave Uist.  We may be able to deliver to addresses between Askernish and Eriskay – please enquire.

To enquire, call us on 01878 700828, or use this form –



Hogget Lamb — 2 Comments

  1. We enjoyed a delicious leg of Hebridean hogget lamb from ‘The Big Garden’ : a meal for three, and lamb sandwiches for following day! The meat was so incredibly tasty! An added bonus was a juicy bone for Lexie the Collie dog. Recipe: Brush over the entire joint a mixture of olive oil honey and crushed garlic. Prepare a bed of mixed vegetables on a sheet of foil, then sit the joint on top of the vegetables and lay on sprigs of fresh rosemary (provided free with the joint!). Fold the foil over the joint to fully enclose. Roast at 200-220degC for about 90mins. Allow to rest for about 10mins before carving.

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