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  1. Well, I, for one, am glad you are home, where I expect you to be! I’m less confused now than I was yesterday (thanks for the reply that sorted things out) and feel a little overwhelmed on your behalfs of all the chores you have ahead. But how nice the shop and the holiday houses are doing so well!

  2. Welcome home! I’m imagining that your lives will now become a pattern of contrasts. The unending toil (and pleasure) of life on Uist and the hopefully more relaxed pleasures of life in Navarra. Redressing the balance perhaps 🙂

    • J & D > In Uist, our life is full-on, whether work and pleasure (the two are inseparably intertwined). Odd, really, because we moved here for a less driven life. That said, we have to earn our living, and here we are free to drive ourselves in the direction we feel most comfortable with. The problem is, that here everything is work – there’s no escape. For example, wherever you look in our house, there’s equipment and materials – and part-completed projects, all associated with earning a living. (The only exception is our bedroom.) In Navarra, there’ll be none of that (other than a computer to avoid work building up into insurmountable mountains whilst we’re away). Yes, we’ll be active (walking, cycling …), and no doubt some house maintenance (no garden – just a terrace), but essentially it’s a place where we can escape the pressures of earning a living, and be active in a passive kind of way. As you can imagine, we’ve had to give this a great deal of thought: it’s an idea that’s been gestating for some while, but obtained focus when Catherine and Ion anounced that they were going to have a baby (which we’d thought would never happen!).

  3. It’s lovely to have a getaway but then you must pay for it. There is always work to be done when you work for yourselves. A month away sounds like a real joy for you. I always miss home when I go away.

  4. Always so much to do after being away, but even more so for the two of you.

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