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Introducing Charlie — 3 Comments

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  2. Hmm…Hoping Charlie stays down by the chicken house. It might be a little intimidating to find him peeking in our windows during our visit! Seriously, I hope your version of a “scarecrow” (would that be scare-eagle?) works!

    • Charlie was provided free of charge, but it he’s successful, then I’ll make my own scare-eagles that should be a bit more pleasing to the eye! In any event their ‘beat’ will be down by the hen house. I do recall from my childhood seeing an old 1950s horror film that featured a scarecrow that turned out to have some kind of life in it, and seemed to always somehow be in a slightly different place – but who moved it? One moonlit night the residents of the spooked house opened the curtains to find the scarecrow staring in at them! I’ll be keeping an eye on the Big Garcen croft scarecrow(s)!

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