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Island-hopping, woolly adventures — 3 Comments

  1. That sounds brilliant. Before moving to Devon we lived in a rented cottage on a sheep farm. After a while we got (willingly) roped into all sorts of activities, lambing, feeding the pigs and geese. For us an experience of a totally different way of life. And always enjoyable, well, apart from the day the pigs escaped on our watch!

  2. Excellent blog – how could I disagree?! Thanks for the look-back. It was a fantastic adventure with a perfect place to spend the second half of the trip. More visitors should spend time with you, of course then you would never get anything done!

  3. It was wonderful to sit down at the computer this morning and read your post and relive our trip, which was made all the more wonderful because of staying at your Carrick House! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to travel with Jackie because she had already made the connection to you, not just your rental properties but yourselves as well. It was an incredibly special trip because of our time spent with both of you! (and of course Rhubarb and Primrose, we could never forget you either!)

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