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Knowing your Onions – from your Shallots — 3 Comments

  1. They all look delicious. I am a big fan of onions. I cook with onions all the time! I also cook with garlic at the same time generally so there are no vampires around this house!

    Is it possible to braid the onions together by thier tops and dry them that way? Or perhaps to only store them hanging up as a braid?

    I had no idea that shallots grew in this way in clumps or of the slang term of “know your onions.”

    One day when I grow vegetables again, I will make sure to grow shallots. I am sure that shallots in chicken soup is lovely!

    I wanted to make sure I told you that I am spinning up that delicious dark wool I purchased from you. It is turning out just fabulous. I suspect I will use it in weaving. What a wonderful dark rich color! It is the darkest wool I have ever spun up. Thank you again for providing me with such joy!

    Have a flock!

    • D > It’s a marvel to us how useful onions are – in all their forms! We’ve tried braiding onions different ways, but though the braiding is successful, the keeping/storing has not been. I think it’s likely to be down to the fact that our maritime climate is not warm enough, nor dry enough, for long enough, to very thoroughly dry the bulbs (most critically at the neck), and the braiding results in the necks not being ventilated … Result : fungal rot set in, always starting at the neck, and spreading from one bullb to the next. Wool : J and are glad you’re making good use of the Hebridean rovings. They’ve gone to all five continents … or is that four? Anyway, not Antarctica … yet! We’re expecting a large party of international visitors to Uist – participants in a wool conference – to come to the Hebridean Woolshed. We have no data to confirm it, but our hunch is that somewhere between a quarter and a third of our Hebridean Woolshed sales are to international visitors to Uist, or sold direct abroad through internet sales.

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