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Last Potatoes of 2019 — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, your potatoes last that long? You must store them somewhere cool so that they don’t sprout.

    I have never heard of eating rhubarb with cream. The tart with sweet must be kinda tasty!

    • D > I stew or microwave the rhubarb with dome sugar ; and when its young and tender it’s not so acid. They go together perfectly. Culinary rhubarb was developed in the ,19thC, and the variety we have is still the best : Victoria, it’s called, and I’m sure it’ll be direct descendants of the crowns given to Victoria that are stiill growing in the walled gardens at Windsor.

    • J > We’re fortunate that we’ve been able to create very good storage conditions : dark, cool and low(ish) humidity. The last of these is the difficulty, as being right beside the sea and with it the North Atlantic Drift, atmospheric conditions here, especically in mid-winter, are very humid indeed. Later winter and early spring the air is the opposite – extremely dry, so not that many of the spuds sprout, and we check them over regularly, rubbing off sprouts, and using first those that, in the dry conditions, are shrinking. By the end of May, the potatoes that remain are self-evidently the best keepers. By then they are not good boiled or steamed, only roasted ; but they are still good and tasty!

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