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Natural Wools Makeover — 17 Comments

  1. It’s so nice to hear that you’re busy and your items are popular! The wool is gorgeous–I love the description you give of it–it’s a yarn born of a specific place! I kind of wish I knew how to knit . . .

    • J > Years ago, Denise taught me to knit: my first project was a pair of mittens for our 3-yr old Rebecca. An ambitious project – what was Denise thinking!? Nonetheless, the left mitten was completed successfully. “Well done!” said Denise: now you can make the right mitt – it’s just the same. So I did. Poor Becky has had problems with her right thumb ever since. ;~)

    • D > By midnight last night we’d already sold 20% of the rovings to customers – all ouwith the UK, so involving International postage. This morning we’d just set up the new display in the ‘real world’ garden shop, went into the house for a coffee – and 10mins later a couple who went into the shop as we left it came down to the house with 14 balls of Beinn Sgiathato buy – saying how lovely it is. Wow! Turns out he’s the knitter, and the wool will be made into a sweater for her. Now that’s a morning to remember.

  2. What a great idea to sell the wool as rovings for people to spin themselves. How exciting! It all looks so beautiful!

  3. Yarn looks lovely! I will try and figure out how to order before it is all gone!

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