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Navarra – November 2017 — 17 Comments

  1. I am in total love with that wee one!!!!! A little package in awesome preciousness!!!! There aren’t words….sigh…….. Your photos are so dreamy. Thanks so much for your recent “visit” to my little spot. Celebrating a special day of Thanksgiving here……and, truly, counting our blessings–naming them one by one….hugs to you both…………

    • J > Most bloggers have a special interest or hobby that provides the characterising warp of their blog, but with a varied and colourful weft of daily life woven in we get a bigger and more distinctive picture, one that enriches and touches us all in so many ways.

      • So very true! I started out thinking my blog would be a spot to place all my quilt-related thoughts, photos and projects but “life” is more than those things!!! Hugs………

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