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  1. It turned out so well! I’m glad I didn’t get around to reading this until now, so I would immediately know the great outcome! We have our own Smokey cat, who turned up here limping badly and in need of a home. You’re such good people, to have been prepared to give Nemo/Smokey a lift in life.

  2. J > Well this story has an unexpectedly early happy ending. After this post was published, a phone call from a near neighbour to tell us that they recalled someone calling in at houses in our neighboring crofting township, last summer, asking if a cat (described similarly to Nemo) had been seen. That person lives in Daliburgh, about 6-7 miles north. With just a name and description of the house – no phone number, we drove there this evening and … Success! They’d long ago given up on the cat, and assumed it was lost for good, so were astonished and very pleased to have Smokey back. And on closer examination, Smokey is in fact a neutered boy. (So Nemo, not Nema!) It’s astonishing that the cat has been missing for seven months, mid summer through autumn and into the depths of winter (a very mild winter, true, but windy and wet) and yet is in such relatively good condition! We’ve removed ticks and wormed Smokey, but even our own cosseted cats regularly need those treatments. The owners tell us that they think Smokey may have got into a relatives vehicle, that relative living much nearer to us – though apparently it’s never been seen at the relative’s house. A happy ending indeed!

  3. Ah, I love a blue smoke with a bit of white kitty.. I know all about those that just show up, we do our best but sometimes we do need some help.. I hope she finds a great home, do you get to “foster” her until she gets her new family. or will she go into the shelter? Best of luck little one.

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