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Fotoless Friday : Night Flight – Blue Light — 10 Comments

  1. You have a gift of clear and poetic description, but I’m sorry it had to describe this painful experience! I hope you don’t have to go through anything like that again, and poor Denise too, she must have been so worried!

  2. what an experience! I’ve fortunately never suffered from migraine myself but my husband and one of my daughters do, though the incidences are rare. I really hope that you recover well and don’t undergo another attack like this.
    as to the experience in the CT scanner – no, as a radiographer myself I’ve never encountered this but its fascinating, particularly having read the account above about Brandes and Rontgen’s observations. How little we still know…

  3. My goodness, it must have been a worrying time for both of you. Good to hear that nothing was found although it does leave you in something of a vacuum. As to the scanner experience – the explanation you’ve found seems feasible but how strange it must have been. Hope you’re fully recovered now.

  4. Oh my! This must have been terrifying! The news seems all good but don’t you wonder what happened? And whether it could happen again? Stay well!

  5. Hope you recover OK and have no repeat disturbances like this. How excellent tho that even in a remote area like yours, you can depend on excellent medical services including air ambulance.

  6. Well, first off I’m very glad there wasn’t anything terribly wrong. WIth all the tests and excitement I was very concerned. Secondly, my thought is you are very sensitive and can pick up things the rest of us are unaware of. Which is a pretty cool thing in my book.

    Anyway I’m so glad they didn’t find anything!!! WHEW!

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