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Oh no, not them again! — 2 Comments

  1. I was late to the croft this morning: the two naughty boys had got tired of waiting for their scoobie snacks and had sauntered up to Field 3 where the ewes and their little ones are. And had got in. Oh dear! There’s three young ewes who haven’t got lambs and may be receptive to the charms of these strapping young lads. Lambs in December? Fortunately they saw my bucket and like a couple of dupes followed me into Field 2 (We’ve tried more imaginative names, but keep forgetting which field is which!!) recently vacated by the ewes. It’s got electric wires as well as the actual fence, so if they get out of this one then … They’ll have to go!!!!

  2. Yesterday morning: no wedders by the croft store – in the field with the others. Yipee! This morning: two wedders – the terrible twosome – waiting for me. Blast, blast and triple blast! What on earth do I do now? Set up a camouflage tent and camp out with binoculars until I catch them jumping the fence or whatever they are doing? Aaaagh!

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