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  1. Winter just doesn’t want to let go this year! You made me recall, from when I was a child, how warm the chicken coop was, even in winter. I’d completely forgotten that . . .

  2. That dry air was something else: not sure that I’ve encountered such cold and dry conditions before. Of course, it’s been very different more recently!

  3. I would not like to be a chicken right now in the cold. Lets hope this is winters last blast. I think we have seen the last of it here finally. I do love winter but it can be hard on some.

  4. Stay cozy! Amazing how much heat is generated from a flock of feathery hens! because of the extreme cold here in the northeast, we have to insulate our coop. A light hangs on a timer to add the proper amount of “daylight” so they will continue to lay through the winter. Even on the coldest of days, the coop is quite warm. Of course, now we’re turning that seasonal corner and our girls ( along with their fancy footed Mr. Rooster) are out scraping the gardens and grounds for tidbits and reaping the benefits of that glorious sun.

    • D > Until now we’ve not had electric at the henhouses ; but J has had a project in progress for about a year to install electric : progress is slow because there many other higher priority things to do. Aha – he’s just looked over my shoulder at this – I’ve no doubt it will be done soon!

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