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  2. It is so important to get the work done when the sun is shining! I’m looking forward to better weather ahead, there is much to be done.

  3. Been there, done that! I repainted most of the house in 2017 but the front elevation was put off as it is just so HIGH! We have our own scaffolding but even that isn’t tall enough. In the end we hired scaffolding (last Oct!) which made it a doddle (but still HIGH) and finally got it done. The paint is meant to last 15 years so I suspect I won’t be doing it again…;) It will be harder work painting over your much rougher rendering though – hope the weather holds till you are finished!

    • J > The rendering is a traditional Scottish type known as wet-dash, which could be described as throwing handfuls of fresh concrete at the bare walls. Also known as harling. It lasts a long long time (centuries) if done well. This harling is original – nearly 100 years old – and in hood condition. But without painting it would be very grey and dreary.

  4. Glad you had good weather. Our temp today was about the same, but March is supposed to come in like a Lion with strong winds, rain or snow.

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