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  1. I spent a lot of thought on our windbreaks and came to a similar conclusion (needing more than one row!). My plan has three lines of trees of differing vigour and habit (I think 5 would be even better). Theoretically the vigorous ones will quickly provide some shelter, whist the slower and shrubby ones will fill in behind once the quicker ones die off/get tall. I hadn’t realised that many of the quicker ones wouldn’t be at all quick for me, so I wish I’d planted much more alder and (don’t mention) spruce! Staggering gateways so as not to create a wind tunnel is also worth a try.

    • J > Before reaching either of the two borders we are doubling in width, the wind must already have crossed the garden wall, a deep border just within the wall, productive plots which present three timber low-level windbreak fences, and – depending on direction, the border on the other side of the drive that is also being doubled. The layout might be different, but it seems the multi-layered or -tiered strategy is similar. If we didn’t have the walls for the boundary, I’d be planting a shelter belt 6m or more deep, which is probably 5 to 6 rows deep, mostly hardy resilient shrubs on the outside (rosa rugosa is perfect, a pity it isn’t native – just naturalized), with trees mostly on the inside.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I can’t imagine being able to dig dirt right now… everything is frozen solid and underneath a blanket of snow. Tonight our temperatures are supposed to drop well below freezing (degrees F).

    • D > That’s cold!!! Very rarely (two or three occasions in 17 years) we’ll get a prolonged spell of dry very cold air from the north, and all the taps and troughs will freeze solid : my goodness, that results in a lot of extra work. If that’s what it’s like every winter, however, I guess that’s what you have to gear up for. Thanks for calling in!

      • Yes, but it will get colder still next month!
        Amazing how different the weather can be all over this globe!

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