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  3. I’m so glad you found your baby. Today I was spinning in 18th century costume at the historic home established by a Scottish immigrant who became an early US colonies politician. They raised sheep and flax for spinning and weaving. I would love to be able to purchase Hebridean fiber to spin while there.

  4. Having met, bottle fed, and fallen in love with Primrose on our visit last year, I am so VERY happy she was returned to you. I wish I could understand how they get separated from the flock. I guess it’s just called being a sheep – sometimes even the very smart ones, like Primrose!

    Our sheep can’t get too far away but do get out of sight so we do a count every night as they go into the barn where they are closed in for the night as protection against our predators, coyotes and mountain lions.

    Welcome home, Primrose and hope to see you soon!

    • J > I returned Primrose to the flock this morning, as planned. They all looked a bit puzzled. Queenie spoke up for them all: ‘Where DID you get your hair done like that, Primrose?’ “Oh”, she replied. “It’s a new stylist I’ve found, over in South Uist. They come and pick you up, do your hair, provide you with a luxury meal and overnight stay. And then they take you home in the morning!” ;~)

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