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  1. I just found your blog. We are about the same age, as I am 65. You live in a beautiful area of the world. I live in America in a small town in the state of South Dakota. I also garden but I must say my garden comes nowhere close to yours. I am glad I found your blog so I can read of your adventures. Tilly is adorable, by the way.

    • J & D > Hello. We are glad you found our blog and enjoyed it. Dakota is as far away from the sea as we are surrounded by it, and yet there is something about Dakota (from what we have read, seen on TV, etc – we’ve not yet been across the big pond to the americas) that is appealing. Perhaps its the wide open skies of the plains? We hope you’ll stop by at our blog another time. Thank you for visiting and your comment. Tilly sends you her wet nose and licks : she says you’re sure to appreciate them.

      • We are in the Black Hills and are surrounded by forests. South Dakota has Mt. Rushmore which has the rock carving busts of four of our presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt. We are also known for ranching and raising black angus cattle. I have not been abroad either but have always wanted to see England, Ireland and Scotland. Kisses back to Tilly. We have two little dachshunds that would love to come play. Thank you for responding.

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