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  2. The towel is beautiful, and I love your Producerism! I grew up with a mother who loved to shop, and ever since a little girl, I have always hated it! I much prefer the making :*)

  3. Oh, Jonathan, I love this post! Partly, of course, I’m thrilled that you like your towel and had such nice things to say about our weaving–thank you! But I love everything else you wrote here–it seems funny to me that the two of you, so far away, understand us better than almost anyone! I also love what you wrote about trying to keep a blog going and the challenges of posting often and different challenges that crop up when we *don’t* post often–it’s as if you have been reading my mind! I’m in that place of not taking the time to post and ending up with a cluttered, restless mind . . .

    Use your towel–make it work hard and trust that it will get better as you use it!

  4. I love that word too. I have purchased very little other than a book or sewing supplies for years. I rarely purchase clothing other than those items I can’t make myself. My gifts are handmade or purchased from other local artisans. I love the work of Kerry and her husband. They are lovely, creative people. I’m ready to see and support local crafters more.

  5. I like ‘producerism’ too, so thoses that make are producers as apposed to consumers, I am both, I make what I can but buy what I can’t, the people of Uist are different from the people of Lewis because I’m not a crofter but I grow as much veg as I can and I have found the local community supportive,
    the handwoven cloths are nice,

    I could never set myself a target for blogging, I’ve been blogging for over 12 years, it all depends on what I am doing, how I feel, so sometimes I might blog often, other times (like now) I only blog occasionally,
    enjoy blogging don’t make a chore of it, and enjoy all the other things life has to offer, Frances

    • J > I guess we’re all consumers to some degree. Producerism is not an absolutist ideal, but about the value we see in the home-made, relative to the factory-made, about our preference to spend time making, rather than shopping. We thought that in moving to a crofting community we’d be amongst others that – perhaps more than anywhere else, would value the home-grown, the home-made ; but the truth seems to be the very opposite.

  6. I love this word – Producerism! I’m proud to be a producer and a gifter. There’s nothing more satisfying than gifting something you’ve made or produced. Enjoying your blog – new here. Thanks!
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  7. I like that…producerism…that would most definitely be me 🙂 BTW…my blog is still around, it’s just not through so it won’t show up in your reader. If you still want to follow along, it’s I hope you two have been busy being producers! We got in 50 chicks for meat two weeks ago, and today I’ll be working on the garden. In the rest of that time it’s been work in the yard and work on the blog changes. Love those towels! I’ll have to look Kerry up!

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