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Quayside Colours — 3 Comments

  1. I can see what you are excited about Jonathon. Yes, you can, using handcarders, produce much the same overall effect. It would require a very careful technique of color blending.

    You could pair up your colors by doing a light bit of mixing on the carders of colors 1 and 2 and spin them into yarn A. Then do colors 3 and 4 on the carders and spin them into yarn B. Then ply the two of them together to become yarn C.

    The yarn company that made Denise’s sweater yarn did one thing specific with thier color choices. They emphasized the blue color of the spectrum more in thier color mixing.

    I believe that I could card and spin up a type of yarn similiar as well. But it does take a bit of practice so the end result is not the color of mud. Hence the emphasis on one section of the spectrum. That is the tricky bit to learn.

    It’s a fun challenge and obviously one that Denise has down to a fine art. I have always loved her Mountain Haze colorway.

  2. I love getting a great deal on something I love, too–I feel your joy! And the yarn colors are gorgeous–get to it, Jonathan!

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