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Queenie’s First — 15 Comments

    • D > Tabatha is a very small cat, with a huge personality. She knows how to get her way! And she just LOVES wool. If she doesn’t come in at night (which is rarely), when she appears in the morning she smells of greasy wool: we feel sure she curls up with a sheep – and who could refuse her!

  1. Wow–I can’t believe how mellow she is about that! Your calm must calm her. The photo of the cat cracked me up–they *will* find the best places, won’t they?

  2. It’s always an advantage to do things slowly and confidently around animals. Her fleece looks amazing, colored fleeces are my favorites! Queenie is a beautiful girl!

  3. Beautiful fleece – and beautiful Queenie! I was very impressed when I was there by how calm your sheep are during shearing. No fuss. No drama. You have a wonderful handling technique. They feel your calm and respond to it.

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