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Rattus Norvegicus — 2 Comments

  1. I read this post with interest because I too have been writing about rodents (as you know 🙂 ). We too have been troubled with rats – well, our neighbours have. They use the property as a holiday house and so weren’t around to notice the damage when a rat started to eat the cables, the pipes, the hosing behind the sink resulting in a horrible (and very dangerous) flood. They put poison down – and I hadn’t realised until I read what you’ve written why this is a very undesirable method to deal with pests. I think your solution of a cage drowning is a good one – no, not nice, and certainly not pleasant to administer, but perhaps the best around.

    • Thank you Katherine. To be frank I did hesitate for publishing this post, concerned that it might get a very hostile response from some extreme animal rights activist! I guess I might get that yet, but your considered comment is very welcome.

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