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Redcurrants – at last — 4 Comments

  1. Since the birds (presmbably) got the berries off all the other bushes I think you were entitled to all these. That netting could form a plan for next year. I did a similar thing just using old net curtains in Solihull, looked a bit odd but was partially effective. Do you have whitecurrants? The birds are supposed to go for those less. You could mix them to make a pink currant jelly!

  2. Oh wow! Looks absolutely delectable, the jelly and the fruit itself!

    Those selfish mean old birds, eating up all the fruit and leaving little for the people. Haven’t they heard of sharing and polite manners?!

  3. Yum! The birds often get to the elderberry here before I can harvest the fruit for tinctures. Maddening! Your jelly looks scrumptious and most definitely represent the fruits of your labor!

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