Rescued! — 9 Comments

  1. Poor girl! It sounds like she was already in full panic mode by the time you got there. I am sure she was grateful to get the net off of her body and head.

    • J > It’s believe that sheep imprint in their memories the appearance of those (humans, sheep, dogs …) they have regular dealings with, or present particular dangers. Face, clothing/fleece characteristics, sound of voice, smell. Sheep are NOT stupid. They are more rational than we are!

  2. I bet she was! I am convinced that animals have an emotional life, even if they can’t express themselves verbally. Even rats, which we tend to revile. One of my blogging friends told me a story about his son and his pet rat. The rat slept downstairs in an open cage, and every morning, the rat would scamper up the stairs and sit by the son’s closed bedroom door, waiting for him to get up.

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