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  1. Many years ago, we had such flocks and living on a rugged, rocky ridge as you do, I can surely understand the fencing difficulties. Making a fence “lamb proof” was always the goal and NEVER was achieved!!! The little ones always managed to return to mama, so all was well. The number of coyotes was much lower in those days, along with other possible predators, so it was ok. Loved the walk-about story!!!!!

    • J > It’s good to have some appreciation of how much work I have to put into the fencing! Most folk have absolutely no idea that the majority of the work in keeping sheep is the fencing!

      • I always felt that, actually, there was no way! LOL! Most of the farms around here have historically been cattle….beef or dairy. At the time we had sheep, one of our neighbors, also, had a large flock which made it easier when we had a need for a shearer.

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