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  1. And I forgot to say, I love and enjoy your pictures. The apples look just delicious! I have been outside spinning gray Romney on my front porch so now I will go in and eat one or two of my Gala apples I purchased the other day. 😀

    • The breed of the first ever fleece we spun back in 1982 was a Romney. Although we haven’t had one for a few years, it remains one of our favourites – not just for nostalgic reasons, but also it’s wonderful qualities, it,’s lustre, length, soft crimp and creamy colour.

  2. After all that rain and terrible storm, what a miracle it is to have such a lovely harvest of apples! It’s amazing they didn’t get shook right off of the trees!

  3. I wish I had an apple tree. I’ll rephrase – I wish I had an apple tree that produced apples! Though ours is just two years old, so hopefully we’ll get them at some time. How do you store them? Or do you press them for juice?

    • J > We don’t get enough to be worth storing or pressing. We eat fresh or use for cooking or preserving. When I was a child we had a cold dry shed with wooden shelves and trays – specially for storing apples. The best would last until Spring, the apples slowly shrinking and becoming wrinkly – and the taste intensifying.

  4. I grew up on an 160 acre apple orchard. My Dad grew (besides all the apples) 20 acres of prunes, 60 acres of peaches, and 40 acres of pears, and just down the road my maternal grandfather grew 80 acres of cherries, 20 acres of apples, 16 acres of pears. I SO UNDERSTAND your desire for apples!!!

    • J > That’s orchards on a scale we’re not used to in the UK. Our orchards were established before the 1914-1918 war, when mechanisation of agriculture was only just getting a foothold.

  5. Fabulous! That’s so impressive. And I’m glad to see that you have Scrumptious as a variety, which I think is a wonderfully underrated apple. We have a young tree in Southport that fruits generously. Enjoy the apple pies, crumbles, Dutch apple pancakes….

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