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Second Foot Forward — 10 Comments

  1. This is relatey read this this morning It’s been a tough few weeks on the Croft which is why we haven’t had time to post much
    With the introduction of the avian flu lockdown, it’s made life on the Croft difficult to say the least. Like most small scale egg producers we have coops and nest boxes etc but none of which were designed to house birds for 24 hours a day for 3 months! In; the end we took the hard decision to cull our birds, with the view to buying in all new birds in April. Giving us time to extend coops and hopefully build a run suitable for any future lockdowns.
    As for the goats, they have been stuck in their sheds too as the weather has been so wet which has led to hoof problems but good old pen and strep has been our saviour!
    Hopefully the ewes are all in lamb, and we’ve put them out on to the hill for some better grazing and to give our ground a rest before they come back in for lambing.
    yesterday being asked to cull lots of hens so sad

    • [J+D] This must have been a very difficult decision, and a very difficult job. This lock-down won’t be the last – even if the next may be some years away. This will have served to encourage those to consider how important keeping poultry is to them (whether economically or otherwise), and to review what they do, how they do it, to learn and to adapt accordingly. For some reason J always insisted we might have to do this, and I guess that’s helped us. We hope this comes to an end soon, and you can then start with a clean slate. Incidentally, much of our egg sales by value are for hatching eggs – but though we have plenty available, we’ve had virtually no orders since December – just a first few days of January, possibly because the buyers were expecting the restrictions to end on the 6th.

  2. I read this and think back to my father and grandfather, working the farm. The chores–the absolute must-dos plus the extra occasionals like mending fences. Hard work but I can tell you find it satisfying.

  3. Very dramatic moon photo. My hens aren’t too worried by the lockdown (though they still try to run out of the door every morning) but the ducks are not happy. As for the guinea fowl – who can tell? They seem as mad as ever and when they’re finally let out I wonder if they’ll just stay put or rush out and never return.
    Rather glad that we had a digger to excavate for our armoured cable. Yours looks like hard work.

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  5. Love this! That moon photo is especially wonderful! The moon has been stunning these past few mornings. It was very disappointing this morning, to rise and see not a glimmer thanks to the solid cloud bank. Your photo has given me a moon fix for today 🙂

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