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Sign o’ the times — 11 Comments

  1. Every little helps, and gives us confidence that we can take that trip and continue to live a full life. Best wishes.

  2. Congratulations on both fronts – exciting milestones. And well-timed, coinciding as they do. I hope you’ll be able to resolve the challenge of leaving the livestock – it sounds like you really must travel together come November 🙂

    • J&D > We’ve got it sorted – At least for this occasion. Rebecca will be keeping things going here whilst we’re away for a week or perhaps two. We’ll pay for her to spend a while over in Spain with Catherine and Ion and Xxxxx at a later date. We were not really wanting to ask her, but Becky, bless her, was really glad to do this for us.

  3. You’re full of news today! And you sound pleased and content. It’s always nice to have a little extra money, just to make you feel more secure. And is there a baby on the way???

  4. How exciting for the two of you! I don’t know that any of us who enjoy providing for ourselves in the way we do would ever be completely satisfied just “taking it easy,” in the life of retirement.

  5. Congrats on the new grandbaby to be.. and on your small but what will be a steady source of income for I hope many years to come.. every little bit does add up and makes things a touch easier.

    My own hubby is 19 years in on a government job (along with three transfers and a few other side and up moves along the way) and for us here for a full one, you combine length of service and age, so for us, we would need 35 years for a full one.

    But the odds are good that a buyout will show itself at or around the 30 year mark.. As for the traveling one at a time.. because of livestock and farm needs, I do understand that one.. we have not traveled together either for many years for that very reason.

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