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Slow boat from California — 5 Comments

  1. Oh my, how exciting to be involved with a project like this, especially for the little nephew!: ) Despite being smack-dab in the middle of the farmland of Eastern Canada (and many thousands of miles away from California diagonally across the continent ; ) I fell in love with Jacques Cousteau and all things oceanographic as a child… I definitely recall hearing of the Scripps Institute as part of the University of California, San Diego… (
    Surely a once in a lifetime opportunity: )

    • [J] We’re probably of the same vintage: Jacque Cousteau was a huge presence in my imagination as a child. The climate in the NW of Scotland is much milder than Newfoundland & Labroador (we share the same latitidue) thanks to the Gulf Stream (or its extension, the N Atlantic Drift). As well as ‘warm’ seas, it brings us stormy weather, and such oddities as giant beans that have fallen into an Amazonian river and thus to the sea, and eventually land on the beaches here. They’re rare, but frequent enough to have given rise to the earliest studies of ocean currents by the Royal Navy, a very long time ago.

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