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  1. How delightful to hear winter days being described as ‘soft’…I’ve recently decided to redefine rain myself, in the hopes of persuading my husband that it really is alright to go outside for a walk when there’s water dropping from the sky!

  2. I loved all your photos and I enjoy reading your description of it all but it’s a bit of a struggle for me to read the white print on black. My eyes go a little crazy with it so I miss quite a bit but do get the gist of what you are saying. It’s part of why I have missed many. I make the print as large as I can but the colors don’t work well in my damaged brain. Forgive me for missing parts.

      • I’m probably the only person in the blogging world that has this kind of problem so I will keep trying to read the best I can. Don’t make changes on my behalf. I don’t follow many blogs that make reading a challenge but yours is so lovely and interesting.

        • J > I’ve had doubts about this styling, as I suspect the contrast is a bit too harsh, and the font doesn’t have enough weight. You’ve just brought this issue to the front of my mind.

  3. Your winter looks pretty delightful, especially compared with what we’re having. We compost, too, on a much smaller scale and i agree that it can be tough work–we avoid it for far too long, I’m afraid!

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