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  1. What fun! I have owned ‘More With Less’ for many years now, along with Ms. Longacre’s other book, Living More With Less. Both have been very helpful to me, although they have lived in storage for the past two decades (don’t ask lol). I highly recommend both.

    As to measurements, I’ve nearly always done as my foremothers did; used common kitchen items, for measuring. In other words, a regular cup (8 oz not a huge mug), and eating utensils (teaspoons and tablespoons). Works fine for me. As does a handful, a pinch, etc.

    Good luck on your new venture. It’s loads of fun. And I find that if one masters a couple or three entrees and desserts (most salads are pretty simple) it’s easy to please the majority of guests. Then you can expand your repertoire as you go along. ~ Linne

  2. Great story! Kudos to you both for venturing into places where your confidence wavers a little. Perhaps by the time Denise returns you will have a J-cooked meal ready and waiting for her 😉

  3. Bravo Jonathan! Cooking is not my forte so I’m impressed with anyone who can pull it off. Unfortunately our local supermarket has restricted its range of ready meals to unsustainable levels so I am going to have to make a better effort. Oh dear..

  4. Ahhhh…..story-telling AND humor. More please!

    Do I need to bring you a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons when I visit?!

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