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  1. Need a sweep in order to get insurance for our thatched cottage in Sollas, still appears to be no sweep on the islands.

    • Hello Donald. We’re not aware, either, of any chimney sweep in Uist. Perhaps you and other thatched cottage owners should get together to organise a visit by a sweep from Skye or the mainland, with shared costs of travel/accommodation expenses. Better value than an uninsured fire! We hope you find a solution soon. Thanks for stopping by at the Big Garden website. J+D

  2. We had a husband and wife team of chimney sweeps clear out our chimney last month. Like yours, it hadn’t been looked at for many years. Unlike yours, it definitely needed it! Great picture of sooty and sweep!

    • Glad you enjoyed that, Sandra. I seem to recollect a conventional wisdom that burning softwoods, especially at lowish temperatures (ie not a fierce fire) was particularly likely to cause tarring of the chimney, and a greater risk of a fire. We found no tar-like deposits at all! I would have thought that coal would result in the heaviest soot – which we don’t burn at all. Do you?

    • Thank you! We do so enjoy tasks like this, which we can tackle together. We have different skills and insights which complement eachother. The most unpleasant jobs get done, get done more quickly, and more trouble-free, when we do them together!

  3. I just discovered your blog through a comment you left on Hogglestock. I just love it. I follow a few blogs but none where you are located. I live in Tasmania and you can find me (only if you want to) on
    I have signed up and I look forward to reading some of the back log and the future posts. A beautiful place in the world. I have been to Scotland 3 times but never where you are! All the best. I am most impressed by the chimney sweep skills.

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