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Spring on a Plate — 9 Comments

  1. Sounds delicious! I love a good cabbage. Its among my favorite of vegetables. I had made some wonderful lamb meat stew in my slow cooker with lots of vegetables including chopped up cabbage, wonderful beef stock, and barley this past March. I finished off a hunk of cabbage not long after that. I ate it raw, in a big hunk. No salt, spices, salad dressing or anything. Drank a bunch of water with it. It was wonderful and really hit the spot!

  2. I have enjoyed your posts -especially the animal ones, of course!
    I have given up my blog as it only seems to get written on my travels. I have instead switched to Instagram which seems to meet my needs better for those spontaneous posts. They don’t need to be long and I can post several photos. it seems to be working as I have more followers – and sometimes commenters – than I ever did with my blog.

    Glad all your plans are progressing along!

    • D > We did wonder where you’d got to!
      J > We used instagram for a while a few years ago, but at that time it was only used much amongst a certain age-group. Now it might be different, but we aren’t going to do both, and I’d find the format rather limiting for the wide variety of posts we do. Nevertheless, never say never!

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