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Storm Dennis 2020 — 6 Comments

  1. Foggy mist! Look at that sea spray! The views are pretty glorious across the water it seems, no matter what the weather is doing!

    Storm Dennis sounds fairly widespread. I know those storms are not as common for the rest of the UK, so folks are probably worried about all sorts of damage, esp roof damage. Leaks and drips can cause so many problems.

  2. Hello Jonathon and Denise! As I am headed to mainland Shetland and then to Fair Isle for a two week creative residency in less than a month, I hope the weather has at least some days good enough to get back and forth!

    • D > Hello to you too, Jacalyn! This has been the worst winter we can remember in 20 years : not necessarily the most extreme, but just unrelenting storm after storm, one barely subsiding before another comes in. Rain too. We have had very very few days of still fine cold weather with blue skies, some of which we need to collect seaweed from the beaches. If your trip to Shetland (and Fair Isle – lucky you!!!) is in mid March, then that is still stormy season, but by then they will be lower probability, much more spaced out. You could be unlucky, but the odds are favourable for you. Keep us posted!

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