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  1. You obviously have all our good weather. This year my vegetables will be more than a month behind – almost non-existent! What amazing graphs! Do you do them yourself?

    • Perhaps you’ll have compensation in full next year! Data for graphs downloaded from the inverter ; Paste into spreadsheet ; Insert graph referring to data range; Export to Graphic. Easy when you know how!

  2. Well done. Here in Northumberland ours generated 538.7kwh compared with 535.4kwh last year. So you have done well. @stepthehen @kdrouge

  3. this is interesting Jonathon, I remember last year as wet and windy with October being the only good month, here in Ness, Lewis, even potatoes didn’t grow much, this May has been the sunniest month in well over a year, it can be so local though, yesterday here in Ness was overcast with a cold wind but when I was in Stornoway the wind was less and the sun was shining, quite warm actually, 25 miles between Ness and Stornoway, I wish us both a good growing season this year, Frances,

    • Hello Frances. Denise has been surprised at me returning from the croft in Eriskay (3.5 miles away) mid-morning after saying I’d be back for lunch. She’s sitting outside spinning with bare feet and brown skin, and I’ve come back soaked to the skin and shivering from the cold wind! I’ve now added to this post some examples of ‘sunny days’, as I thought it is interesting to see that each day has a ‘shape’!

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