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  1. Understand something of the problem having had to purchase an APC unit to protect computer and other devices. Here on Tiree we too experience power surge and cuts.

  2. Many years ago our power company put a surge protector at the beginning of our electric line where the power stated into our home. It was quite pricey and added to our monthly bill till it was paid for but they then guaranteed the appliances, etc against loss from a surge. I don’t have it where I am so it is always a worry that something will get expensive. I try to keep much unplugged but you can’t unplug everything. That was a lot of loss you had to deal with. And winter storms are just beginning. 🙂

  3. We don’t (touch wood) seem to get too much issues with appliances failing, but are pretty sure that our voltage varies widely according to what we (and our neighbours) are running. In the shop we often have several people come in at once with similar failures, or like yourselves have one after the other appliance fail, or all the light bulbs. We do have an interruptable power supply on thc PC, that keeps it going for a few minutes in the case of a power loss

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