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  2. What a wonderful story of sheepherding in the Scottish Islands! Queenie seems to be quite the survivor and I hope she has taught her skills to the other sheep in your little flock. I hope that either her sisters or her babies will posess those same skillls when Queenie is gone.

    Poor dear, that she is depressed. But she is strong and a survivor. She will make it through this tougher winter and then lead the flock to safety and better grazing areas once again. Her skills will be called upon so the flock survives and she will be very important. Because of that I am sure she will regain her status.

    You might tell her that for me. She just doesn’t know it yet, just like you didn’t at one time.

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  4. I am very much liking these posts, it sounds like Queenie is very much what I call the leader ewe.. they are such good girls and bless them for helping the others out.. She sounds like a great leaders. I really like the calling them.. I could just see it from the way your wrote it..

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