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  1. That plow is testament to such an active thriving life that has now gone by. Its too bad that people are not doing what you are doing by creating a self sustaining system of life which could allow for trade between crofts and a type of strong community in the area.

    I can see its not an easy life, and can be isolating, especially during the stormy wintertime. To handle it, you have strong stable personalities, good health along with lots of “how to” knowledge. I rejoice in that you are both able to accomplish so much on your own!

    • J & D > Thank you for such a thoughtful response! There are pockets of counter-culture across the UK where that kind of community has been revived – mostly by younger people. Unfortunately such people are very thin on the ground, here in Uist, and we do feel very isolated, in the sense of lacking like-minded people with whom we can share work and rewards.

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