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  2. Thanks for your best wishes, everyone. I’m back from hospital sooner than expected, and considering the substantial alterations made inside me, I don’t feel too bad at all. The only difficulty I’ve got is trying not to laugh – it’s rather painful and could burst open the stitches! ;~) Well I suppose the other is trying suppress my preference for doing practical work. But I am very much looking forward to having time to read, think – and watching Jonathan work!

    • [J] I’ll pass your best wishes on to her. She’s been on the phone checking that I’m eating properly – and getting through that long list of jobs she left for me to do!

  3. Very best wishes to you, Denise – and hopes that your recovery over the winter months will go very well so you can embark on all those exciting plans!

    • [J] I’m just back from the airport – the storm broke, the rain spent itself, the sun broke through. The plane flew, and with it D. I’ll pass your good wishes to D when she calls me.

  4. A lovely explanation of your future plans and what will guide you. I would add “genuine” and “honest” to your word list as I feel that everything you two do is infused with these ideals as well. You are role models for the rest of us in our small croft endeavors. For someone with so much energy this may be a challenging time for you, Denise, but you will emerge from it with a new set of ideas to move your handwork -and lives – forward.

    Wishing you both the best,

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